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Hotel Isa / The Club (Mt Isa, QLD)

Combo Review (we were short of time)

A four hour stop over in Mt Isa provided a splendid opportunity to explore a couple of pubs that opened early enough for us to sample their wares, on a public holiday morning.

The two establishments clearly resided at opposite ends of the opulence scale, with one venue being a rather sterile, gaming room focused, recently restored, entertainment precinct style development, while the other had all the appearance of the local blood house. The former is the Isa Hotel but we entered it through the Red Earth hotel next door, which turned out to be essentially the same place, joined together by a outdoor deck. The Red Earth looked very classy, and some photos were displayed in a reception area showing a bit of it’s history, from its days as a fairly classical looking Queensland pub, previously known as the Boyd hotel. For the purposes of this review, we’ll stick to the Isa Hotel as this is where we spent most of our time.

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