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Lake Eacham Hotel (Yungaburra, QLD)

It was a very unseasonably rainy, drizzly, miserable and otherwise bleak  November Sunday morning in Cairns, and with the weather came canceled plans and a need for alternative activities and amusement. Noting that this blog has been very inactive recently, or perhaps the other contributors have been remarkably slack, I thought it appropriate to take matters into my own hands and get a pub review done. When the weather is as crook as it was on the coast, it is usually a lot worse up on the tablelands, and with that thought came mental images of  cosy iconic country pubs and how much better beers tastes when you’re in a warm bar watching the rain outside lashing the windows. So a hastily recruited reviewer – eldest daughter Melissa – and we were of the Yungaburra, to visit the Lake Eacham hotel.

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